Below are short bios from some of the riders of Prescott College Cycling . . .

Elizabeth (Isa) Schwartz


I am 22 and finishing up my fourth year at Prescott College with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. I am endlessly curious about ecology, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, and botany. I strive to be a researcher in environmental science. I strongly believe that plants and fungi offer new medicinal and bioremediative opportunities to address illnesses and environmental concerns. Beneath the mad scientist is an artist, a dancer, and an athlete. I began my college experience as an art major but fell in love with the world of science later on. Art was my outlet to my creative self. Although art and performance brought me endless joy and insight, science challenged my understanding of ‘the meaning of life’. I seek challenge, growth, and freedom in my life. So here I am a scientist, artist, and athlete. I joined the Prescott College Cycling team Fall 2014. I was new to the cycling at the time but have found great joy and insight in the sport since then. My road bike, Beyonce, and my mountain bike, Sheik, are my new best friends guiding me through new challenges and helping me push my limits. More importantly, they teach me how to be free and wild.

Wilson Sackett


My name is Wilson Sackett, I’m a 22 year old from Cleveland, Ohio, in my first semester at Prescott College.  I first fell in love with biking by living off of one, and touring around the Pacific Coast after graduating from high school.  Ever since then I’ve been doing lots of lightweight touring, and finding big inclines to try and ride up.  Bikes provide the window through which I view the world, and the communities around them provide color to my life.  My preferred style is mountain biking, and I’m inspired by the recent explosion of lightweight bikepacking.  I’m known for bonking early and not bringing a sleeping bag.  Whatever you do, bring coffee.

Samuel Pace


Age 23:

I got into biking at a young age because of my father’s influence. I enjoy the Prescott Cycling team because of all the great and amazing souls that I am able to connect with through biking.

Martha Campbell


Martha Campbell is 21 years old and in her senior year at Prescott College. Martha grew up in Bend Oregon surrounded by bike culture, and she has been riding bicycles since before she can remember. This is her first foray into the racing world, but she loves working on her bike and riding all around town. At Prescott College, Martha studies Environmental Science and Environmental Education. The PC Bike Team has been a super fun and supportive environment for Martha to dive into racing and riding.

Coach Kurt Refsnider

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.03.25 PM
Kurt fell in love with bikes and the sense of freedom and exploration they provide at a young age. At age 13, he trained for and completed a solo century ride, his first endurance pursuit. Since then, Kurt has raced extensively in everything from track to road to cyclocross to mountain. Looking for new challenges, he dove into world of ultraendurance mountain bike racing in 2008 and has since competed in and won some of the longest, toughest mountain bike races in the world. Beyond racing, Kurt is an avid bikepacker, having ridden extensively in the American West, traversed half the Alps, and through parts of Scotland, Nepal, Morocco, Japan, and Alaska. Kurt holds a Ph.D. in geological sciences and is a professor of geology at Prescott College and co-teaches the first college-level course to involve bikepacking – Geology through Bikepacking.